A simple backlog tailored to agile teams.

The backlog timeline on a laptop

A simpler way to organize and plan work in sprints. Make your working life easier by taking the pain out of planning.

Imagine your next planning meeting. Every team member is fully engaged in discussing the upcoming two weeks. The session is well structured, quick and painless. At the end everyone is excited to get started on the most valuable things you just agreed on. Everyone is able to get going right away because you have a clear shared understanding of what you want to achieve as a team.

How Backlog fits in your workflow


Lightbulbs depicting ideas
pens and stickies


A backlog as a list on a timeline
Backlog logoBacklog


A board with three columns
physical or digital board

Pull in the same direction by agreeing on shared goals.

step by step planning agenda - step 1: description
  • Communicate what to work on and why by writing great user stories.
  • Let Backlog guide you through planning so you can focus on the content.
  • Stop guessing. Reason about if you can pull more work into the next sprint.
Take a look inside 👀
keep the overview with the backlog timeline

Make informed product and prioritisation decisions by keeping the overview.

  • Grasp at a glance what work can be completed in the near future.
  • Let Backlog forecast how much you can get done by when based on your team's performance in previous sprints.
  • Organize your backlog by grouping backlog items by labels.

Document shared understanding. Add a title, description, acceptance criteria, labels, an estimate and attachments to your backlog items.

add backlog item details on edit dialog

How is Backlog different to ...?

most others

  • Backlog is tailored to agile teams and their workflows. It makes an agile way of planning the one that feels natural without getting in the way. It’s like there is an Agile Coach built in.
  • Backlog is focused on being a product backlog and offers features like guided planning sessions and forecasts.


  • Backlog looks and feels more modern and slick and is a pleasure to work with.
  • Backlog has a simpler interface and workflow. It is stripped from all the cruft you don’t use. This means a low learning curve for you and your team.


  • Backlog has specific product backlog features like guided planning sessions and forecasts that make organizing and planning work easier.
  • We are not a task board. Trello is a really good option for this, which is why we offer an easy export of sprints from Backlog to your Trello board (coming soon).

0 €

Free, forever.

  • 1 backlog, access 3 latest closed sprints
  • 1 member, unlimited sprints, items, acceptance criteria, attachments
  • Forecasts based on previous performance
  • File attachments up to 1 MB


5 €

per user/month

  • Unlimited backlogs, access to all closed sprints
  • Unlimited members, sprints, items, acceptance criteria, attachments
  • Forecasts based on team capacity and previous performance
  • Bigger file attachments up to 10 MB


10 €

per user/month

  • Everything you love about Backlog Startup
  • Group and organize all of your company's backlogs
  • Keep company information private with restricted membership invitations
  • Priority email support with a human being and a guaranteed 1 day response time during business hours
  • File attachments up to 250MB


20 €

per user/month

  • All of the great features of Backlog Business
  • Keep your work data secure with 2-factor authentication
  • Encrypted attachments
  • Seamless access for your entire team with Single Sign On (SAML 2.0)
  • Stay in touch with a dedicated account manager to streamline training and enhance productivity
  • Hit the ground running with personalized onboarding assistance to help with adoption and migration
  • Get answers quickly with priority email and phone support with guaranteed 1 business day response time

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